Who Is Main Event?

"Music has much more power than we give it credit for. It can make you love someone more, hate that same person, or even get over them…it can be a healer. I’m trying to help other people heal…I'm just fighting for what I believe in." 

Main Event is a true Atlanta native raised by his single hard-working mother, and grew up in College Park, GA. He picked up a pen and wrote my first rap at the age of 12. That’s the day he married music. He wanted to be the best, so he wrote four songs a day; songs about his life and the things that he experienced while learning how to become a man.

He got tired of seeing his mom struggle, but he loved music so he decided to take his love of music more serious and make it a career that would lead to stability and success. In December 2017, he released his first single “Reckless,” a pre-curser to his 2018 album “Forgiving Ain't Easy." His newest album "Conversations" was released in June 2019 and provides fans with a look into his experiences; the album is relatable and honest and takes listeners through a roller coaster of emotions. 

His focus is building a legacy and inspiring the masses along the way. His music has reached international heights and allowed him to gain a fan base in countries including Germany, Australia and the UK.